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Services Offered

Behavioral Modification:
Private in-home training to provide you with solutions and training for common behavioral issues including: Socialization for all ages, unwanted chewing, aggression, potty training, jumping up on people, pulling on leash, separation anxiety, boisterous behavior, accepting a new baby, excessive barking.

Group consultation:
Do you have more than one dog who has a behavioral issue that you would like to get assistance with? No Problem! Pro-Paws is here to help with your pack of pups! Pro-Paws will uniquely assess each dog in your family and provide practical solutions to help your canine family co-exist peacefully in your home.

Canine Good Citizen evaluation:
Pro-Paws is pleased to offer the American Kennel Club's Canine Good Citizen Test by a certified American Kennel Club Canine Good Citizen evaluator. This test is designed to help your pup be a model citizen in the community by teaching key socialization techniques and basic commands. Upon successful completion of the test, your dog will be awarded an official American Kennel Club certificate declaring that your dog has gained his Canine Good Citizen Award.

Puppy training:
Have you recently added a new 4 legged baby to your household? Let us be the first to congratulate you on your new puppy! Puppies can be just as demanding as a human baby, only this furry baby chews on anything that is in sight (they don't even discriminate between a store brand and a designer brand of shoes!) and leaves puddles on your floors. The best time to start training is when you bring your new baby home. Training classes don't permit you to bring your baby before he gets all of his vaccinations, therefore in-home training in the safety of his own environment is a great way to get your baby started on the right path before he learns any bad habits.

Rescue dog training:
Have you just rescued a dog from a shelter? Rescuing a dog from death row is very rewarding but can also come with unwanted behaviors. To help to get you and your new family addition on the right track, we can give you expert training advice which help you gain respect from your new friend and will create a bond which will last a lifetime.

Puppy Classes:
Group puppy classes are offered through The Grand Canine Obedience Academy/Hulen Hills Animal Hospital in Fort Worth. Please call or email for details. Places are limited to 10 puppies per class, therefore it is advisable to book in advance. Fully vaccinated puppies up until the age of 8 months are welcome to participate in our fun-filled puppy classes.

Canine Good Citizen classes:
The Grand Canine Obedience Academy/Hulen Hills Animal Hospital are pleased to offer group Obedience classes for fully vaccinated dogs over the age of 8 months. Classes are limited to 10 dogs, and advance booking is advised in order to avoid disappointment. Please call or email for details of when our next classes will be starting.


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